WHCP Design

The Wellhead Control Panel are equip with the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic

circuits integrated within a standalone control system necessary for the control of all the valves placed in the wellheads (SCSSV, SSV, wing) and other safety valves (choke, ESD, HIPPS) in oil & gas production fields to ensure safe operation. The hydraulic power can be generated through the pumps driven by an electric motor or pneumatically driven as standby supply hydraulic to control SSV, also using directly the gas coming from the well. The electric circuit is to interfaces with the supervision system (ESD / DCS / SCADA), the hydraulic reservoir and the oil tanks are placed inside the cabinet, in separated sections. Those systems may be assembled in the “single wellhead” or “multi-wellhead” control panel with drawable and inter-replaceable control module to facilitate the maintenance operations without interruption of other well operation.

  • Electro-hydraulic systems
  • Air or natural gas operation
  • Optional for systems operated by sweet or sour gas
  • “Environmental Friendly” systems utilizing water-based hydraulic fluids
  • System design compliant to API-14B/14C
  • Hydraulic Power Unit options in self contained units
  • Single or multiple wellhead control panels.
  • Conventional fixed or retractable wellhead control panels
  • Standard hydraulic designed capabilities up to 10,000 psi and above.
  • Fusible plug loops/ ESD stations
  • Remote or local opening/closing of wells
  • Sequential logic control/shutdown of wells with adjustable time delay
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Hydro-pneumatic systems
Wellhead Control Panels Track Record